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Welcome to the Mums' Night Out Blog!

Hi! Welcome to the brand new Mums' Night Out blog - please allow me to introduce myself:

Photo of Rachel Bloomfield - founder of Mums' Night Out

I'm Rachel, founder and owner of Mums' Night Out and co-host of the Mums' Night Out Podcast. I'm Mum to Roxy, who's 10 and Henry who's 6. I love an almond milk cappuccino with sugar-free caramel (I know - ridiculously pretentious coffee order!!) and my guilty pleasure is watching Neighbours! I enjoy nothing more than chatting with friends over a glass of wine, I like theatre, reading and jigsaw puzzles (yes I'm a bit of nerd too!) but my happy place is actually performing on a stage - singing, acting, dancing or speaking. When I was a kid I desperately wanted to be a TV presenter and, do you know what, even though I'm now a Mum in my 40s, I'm still not ready to give up that dream and I don't think you should give up on yours either! After too long losing myself amongst the role of 'Mum', I'm on a mission these days to prioritise myself better, to live more in the moment and find the joy in all areas of my life and I want to help you do the same, so I hope you'll come on this journey of self-discovery with me and I'll be your listening ear, your loyal supporter and your loudest cheerleader!

If you too love nothing more than a good old chat with your girlfriends over a glass of wine (or two!) then I think you'll love our podcast where I'm joined by my co-host and lovely friend and fellow dance Mum, Sophie. We are just two Mums juggling everything from family life to friendships, work to wine, self-care to self-development, money to motivation, healthy(ish) eating to hobbies, love, life and everything in between! We love to get beyond the small talk and just like any good night out with your Mum friends, where the chat goes, nobody knows! So head over and have a listen here.

Here on this blog you'll find my general thoughts, musings and, let's face it, brain dumps from one busy Mum to another. I'll also be having guest blogs from others who I think can offer you different insights and their own wisdom.

If you want to come and hang out with us on social media, you'll find us at @mumsnightoutpodcast on Facebook and Instagram. You'll find motivational quotes, get notified when new podcast episodes come out and be able to laugh at all my silly reels!

Until next time,

Rachel x


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