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It’s time to step into your own spotlight, get clear on what you want and build the confidence and strategies to become the leading lady in your own life.

Spotlight is an empowering & uplifting 8 week 1:1 Mindset, Confidence & Self-Belief Coaching Programme.

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Who is Spotlight for?

⭐Spotlight is for the woman who doubts your own potential and abilities, who lacks the confidence to truly step into your authentic self and who is fed up of playing small or making the same mistakes over and over!

⭐Can't quite see your own potential? Well I can see it in you and during the 8 weeks of working together in this unique 1:1 programme I know that you will be able to see it to!

⭐Spotlight is for the female business owner who knows she needs to start putting herself out there more in order to grow her business but is unsure how to go about it and lacks the self-confidence to truly go for it!

⭐You are capable of achieving all the things you desire (even if you don't quite know what those are yet!) 

⭐You have everything you need already within you and together we will unlock your potential!

⭐Within Spotlight we will get clarity on just what it is you want, remove beliefs that are blocking you, start dreaming big, learn to prioritise yourself, build your self-confidence and learn tools and strategies for dealing with those inevitable setbacks and disappointments!

Together we will go from self-doubt to confident success!

What it's like to work with Rachel...


"I absolutely loved my session with Rachel. She was so warm and put me completely at ease. I came to Rachel because I was nervous about getting back into coaching again after a lengthy break. I needed some help with my confidence and self belief. Rachel was reassuring, listened without judgement, and challenged me to think about what I would do should my worst case scenarios come true! I felt so much more confident at the end of our session because I realised that I knew exactly how I would handle each worst case scenario. I went from being nervous about coaching to excited all thanks to Rachel. She checked in with me afterwards, wished me luck on my first day back coaching and celebrated with me when it went really well! I’m so grateful for Rachel’s help, and I would recommend her to anyone!"

"My session with Rachel was nothing short of transformative. Right from the beginning, her warm and welcoming demeanor created an atmosphere where I felt completely at ease, allowing me to share openly. Her positivity was infectious, and I found her energy to be truly uplifting. What impressed me the most was her ability to balance this contagious energy with a deep commitment to taking my concerns seriouslyBy the end of our session, I was not only re-energized and motivated to take action, but Rachel also provided me with invaluable clarity on tangible steps I could take to move closer to my goals, without feeling pressured at all. What sets Rachel apart is her empathetic approach combined with precision in her questioning. She ensured that every one of my concerns was not only acknowledged but also addressed effectivelyRachel's coaching style is a powerful blend of empathy and expertise, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she's had on my mindset and journey towards achieving my goals."

"Rachel is amazing at getting my mindspace where it needs to be and focusing on my goals and how to get there. I also value the accountability she brings as it keeps me moving forward. All of this is done with kindness, knowledge a lovely smile and responsiveness!"

  • Week 1 - Clarity - turn on and Look into the spotlight and get clear on what you want

  • Week 2 - Identifying blocks/limiting beliefs

  • Week 3 and 4 - Shifting those limiting beliefs

  • Week 5 - Dreaming big - now we've shifted those limits, what do you REALLY want in every area of your life?

  • Week 6 - Building a confident mindset

  • Week 7 - Taking centre stage - prioritising YOU!

  • Week 8 - Break a leg - Dealing with setbacks/building resilience

PLUS - Accompanying workbook to monitor progress and enhance what we work on during the sessions

PLUS - Unlimited (within working hours) 1:1 support via Voxer messaging app. Get additional support and feedback in-between sessions.

The Details...
Spotlight - website.png

OK, I'm interested, how much is it??

Payment plans are available on request. Pay in full, pay in 2, pay in 4 or even in 8.

Drop me an email to discuss... 

Have any more questions? Simply drop me an email at 

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