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Do you keep going when it feels like no one is listening?!?

Yes, yes and yes again!!!!

I am in the process of building this community of like-minded Mums, I know you are out there and I know you need this space. I also know deep down that I am the right person to help and support you on your journey. How do I know this? Because your journey is my journey too, I know what you are going through because I too am going through it. I have also done a lot of soul-searching over the last few years and I know now that my absolute purpose in life is to use my enthusiasm and empathy to help other women to find the joy in their lives and live more in the moment. I remind myself of this purpose every single morning!

The reason I have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing what I'm doing is because it is tough! It's hard when you feel that you have something to say but there is nobody there to hear it! I'm going to share with you a few stats to highlight this further...

  • My last podcast episode has only had 8 downloads!

  • I made it into a YouTube video which so far has had zero views!

  • There are 5 blog posts on my site and 3 out of the 5 have had no views

I share these stats with you not so you feel sorry for me but to be honest about how it feels when you are starting out with something, so often you are putting stuff out there that you have poured your heart and soul into and it feels like nobody has even heard it, let alone cares about it! But the fact is, I am building this podcast and community from the ground up and I know that I need to just keep showing up and showing up. I truly believe that this Mums' Night Out community is so aligned to my purpose that I know if I am committed to this then the right people, ie YOU will find me. I may write this blog post now and no one will see it, but in a week one person may read it, in a month, half a dozen, in a year a few hundred, who knows? I certainly don't so I will just keep putting myself out there as I have faith that you are coming, it's only a matter of time (and commitment and consistency!)

If you are doing something right now that feels like no one is interested in, no one is listening to, I challenge you this: Stop and ask yourself one thing. "Deep down in your heart of hearts, do you truly believe in what you are saying and feel a strong connection to what you are doing?" If, when you are truly honest, the answer is no, then I encourage you to be brave, walk away and find something else. But if the answer is truly YES then just keep going. You may feel like no one is listening now but they will come and they will find you and they will be glad that they did!

So if YOU are just finding me now then please come over and join our growing community of like-minded Mums in our Mums' Night Out Facebook group - it's a safe, non-judgemental group where we get beyond the small talk, inspire and support each other through the Mum juggle to begin to prioritise ourselves a little bit more!

Until next time,

Rachel x

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