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Can I write a blog post in 5 minutes?!?!?

OK, so I planned to write a blog post today but I have left it way too late!! I now have precisely 5 minutes before I have to leave to collect my kids from school and not only have I not written said blog post, I also haven't even decided what I was going to write about!!! So I figured, let's try a little experiment here... I am notorious for over-thinking and procrastination so is it possible that if I only have 5 minutes I could ditch all that over-analysis and just actually get something done?!?!

Well, that is three minutes down and 2 minutes to go now!!! Let's think about five minutes. Often as busy Mums, we say we don't have ANY time for ourselves! But how about if we really thought about it and set just a five minute timer - we could do all sorts of things; enjoy a quick cup of coffee in the garden, do a five-minute meditation, read a chapter of our book, do a quick mini-facial, call or text a friend for a quick catch-up.... the possibilities are endless really!

So with that, my five minutes are up and I have indeed written this blog post! So before you dismiss any thoughts of 'me-time' with the 'I don't have time', maybe consider what you could do in five minutes if you really wanted to...

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