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Boosting Self-Confidence in Business

In my membership, The BBLL Club, last week I took my members through a powerful EFT (emotional freedom technique) session for building self-confidence in our own businesses.

Believe it or not, confidence is NOT something you just have or you don't!! In fact most of us, if we're totally honest with ourselves, are actually pretty confident in at least one area of our life and then extremely unconfident in others. I, for example, could happily go live on instagram to talk about self-care or social media content without preparing anything to say and it doesn't phase me at all, but ask me to talk about finances or home organisation and I'd have no confidence at all!! One key to building confidence in one area of our lives is to draw from tools that we use in an area where we are confident!

When you're in your comfort zone and talking about something you really know, really love, really understand - ask yourself:

  • How are you standing?

  • What sort of words are you using?

  • What does the tone of your voice sound like?

  • What facial expressions do you have?

Once we tap into the detail of how we are when we're confident, we can use these same poses, expressions, words, etc. when we feel less confident.

When we start a business, very few people are confident in their ability to successfully build a business, it's something we have to work on. And this is a big part of what I help people with within my membership! As it's my birthday month in May, I would like to offer people one free month in The BBLL Club so you can come and check it out for yourself and see if you think the club could help you build your business. If you want to grab a free month, head to select the monthly plan and enter the discount code: BIRTHDAY

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