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I know you’re so busy prioritising everyone else’s needs before your own that you don’t even know what YOU really want from your life, let alone how to get there!

I know this because I’ve been there my friend, I spent far too long thinking about what everybody else wants and needs without even considering what I might want!

But I discovered that there is another way! Life doesn’t have to be lived on those terms and by going through a process to discover what YOU actually want in life, you can start to prioritise yourself a little more and find the joy in all areas of busy Mum life.

I have created a beautiful digital course that will take you through a simple, step by step process to design a vision board for your life that actually works!




I know that you will love this course and I promise you it won’t take too long to complete! (I know how crazy Mum life can be!!)



Why a vision board??

Know that old saying? "A picture is worth a thousand words." Did you know the human brain can process an image up to 60,000 times faster than words. By creating a visual representation of your goals and dreams, I believe that you can allow them to be constantly seeping into your subconscious. Many experts believe that you are significantly more likely to achieve your goals if you create a vision board. Want one more reason to create a vision board??? It is FUN!!!

So together, let’s create the life you deserve!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message and we can chat.

I truly believe that this mini course will have a maximum impact on your life, but don't just take my word for it, hear what some lovely ladies who recently did this same course live over zoom had to say about it...

"Rachel delivered an exceptional vision board masterclass for our team recently. She brought such a fresh approach and her meditation was sensational! Rachel has such a great energy which is super inspiring! She gets you dreaming BIG!"

"I attended Rachel's vision board course and it was insightful and helpful. Definitely worth doing in detail and spending time properly with Rachel's guidance. I loved it!"

"Rachel, this has been brilliant!"

"Sooo amazing, thank you so much!"

"Thank you so much, REALLY enjoyed this!"

"Doesn't it feel good to dream again!"

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