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I am so excited to introduce you to my brand new membership: The BBLL Club: the supportive group that will give you the practical tools as well as the mindset support to take you from business beginners to Leading Ladies!
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Who is The BBLL Club for?
  • You're at or near the start of your business journey and maybe you're struggling to get started?
  • You don't really know what to do next, you might feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to set up and feel like you're lacking the practical tools you need
  • Maybe you've set up the foundations of your business but you're struggling with the confidence to put yourself out there?
  • When you see other businesses showing up online you might feel struck with imposter syndrome and wonder how other people seem to have it all figured out and manage to fit everything in!
  • Perhaps you lack the self-confidence and the positive mindset to really step into the role of business owner
  • You know you want to start putting yourself out there on social media but you lack the confidence or the creativity or maybe you simply struggle with the strategy and consistency
  • You might feel like you have no one else that you can really talk to about your business who actually gets it and can help or support you?
  • You've been jumping from free training to free training with no clear strategy for where you're headed or what you should be focusing on!

Hear from some club members:


"I've been a member of Rachel's membership for a few months and I love it. Rachel is great, she is very supportive and she has a lovely positive energy that makes working with her really fun. You can tell she is very passionate about helping other women entrepreneurs and for me, it is great to know she completely understands the struggles of being a mum running a business. I highly recommend Rachel if you need some support in your mum/biz journey!"

"Rachel is amazing at getting my mindspace where it needs to be and focusing on my goals and how to get there. I also value the accountability she brings as it keeps me moving forward. All of this is done with kindness, knowledge a lovely smile and responsiveness!"

Every month:
  • Focus on a different business foundation each month
  • One training session (via Zoom) from a guest expert
  • One 'coffee catch-up' informal social meet-up
  • One Q&A session within the FB group related to the monthly focus
  • Two Zoom group mindset/self-confidence coaching sessions with me

Every week:

  • Monday morning co-working session (via Zoom) to plan our weeks and reflect on the previous week


  • Dedicated Facebook group

  • Access to recordings of all trainings for the duration of your membership so you can go back and revisit as many times as you need (or if you're unable to join live)

  • A comprehensive directory of recommended suppliers to help you in all areas of your business with exclusive BBLL Club discount offers.

  • A checklist of things to think about/what you need to do when starting your business

What's included in The Club?
What The BBLL Club is NOT!
  • A membership that is going to cost a small fortune! (I know what it's like at the start of your business when you have little or no money coming in!)
  • Overwhelming! I am not going to flood this group with so many trainings that you just don't know where to start ​or how to fit everything into your already packed schedules!
  • A place where you feel out of place - like everyone else is already 10 chapters ahead of you! It's important to me that everyone in the club is at a similar stage of their business so you can go through it all together! 
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OK, I'm interested, how much is it??

Remember that I promised you this would be a super low-cost membership?!? Well I wasn't lying!!! The price is just £25 per month or £250 for the year (two months free!!)

Have any more questions? Simply drop me an email at 

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